Our Goal

We are looking at a future where everyone reads and every cloud of hopelessness is relinquished with the sheer joy of empowerment. This is the time that we live in where knowledge is nothing but the equivalent is absolute power. A person who is endowed with this precious gift will never ever want anything. He will be self sufficient ad almost on his way to realizing his dreams. For knowledge not only enlightens a gloomy soul but empowers it to such great deeds.

The world where everyone is invited to perform:

Much as we aspire that knowledge must be mandatorily available to all, there are certain barriers that we can face when it comes to physical limitations and anomalies. For example the blind cannot read books that are meant for people with eyesight. These normal books are printed on flat paper and there is no way a blind reader can read inspite of the fact that he may be extremely interested in imbibing the substance therein.
That is why us!

We are dedicated translators who want to make the world include readers who have not been endowed with good eyesight or have lost their vision after birth either partially or totally . The idea of bringing out books in Braille was the brainchild of the owner of the press. It was at a young age that the founder’s brother was partially blind. With age, he started losing his remaining vision little by little and soon at the age of twenty years he had become completely blind. The founder and his brother use to read the curriculum syllabus to him and he would come out with flying colors. It saddened the founder to know that there was no way his older brother could read without his assistance. The idea of bringing out the Braille publication is a tribute to the founder’s brother who passed away in his early thirties. May every blind person also  have the courage to overcome his disability with power and achieve immense success and confidence in their life.